"Sometimes I sit down and wonder why my life turned out this way. I sit down and flipflop bits of my life. For instance, I sit down and think what if I had one of those families who wakeup and have banana pancakes or oatmeal together, and have a casserole of lasagna before collapsing onto their bed. I never had the privilege of having a father who called me “daddy’s little girl.” You know whats weird…. sometimes I’m with my father and I feel this tension of awkwardness between us. It’s like we have the same DNA but it’s covered in ice. Sometimes I sit and wonder what if I loved myself from the start instead of learning to love myself because I used to detest who I was from the start. Sometimes I sit down and think that this world is a marathon of experiences, things occur a different way because it’ll be an experience that would make me blossom or would help me make someone else’s life blossom into something wonderful because I know what it once felt like….. and thats what calms me down at least for now."
- Alexa Evangelista  (via vodkakilledtheteens)

(via vodkakilledtheteens)